COTS and End User Oriented Products

Our plan is to develop, in-house or in collaboration with third parties, COTS and End User Oriented Products based entirely on the Exacta-Platform that are therefore suitable for deployment in a classical server mode or as a private “permissioned blockchain” environment.

All these products will inherit common features from the underlying Exacta-Platform (link to common features of the platform)

At the present time we have developed one product:


INTERACTAS is about documents in digital form, and about control and collaboration on those documents. Any piece of meaningful digital media content can be considered a document, although support varies depending on media content format.

In general, and independently of the media content format, INTERACTAS provides the following features:

  • Definition of task flow to be carried out in a document or group of documents.
  • Assigning tasks to people
  • Creating an unlimited number of forums associated with each document and naming participants.
  • Restricting access to a document or group of documents.
  • Powerful search capabilities.
  • Auditing actions carried out on documents.
  • Dashboard with configurable business indicators.

INTERACTAS provides a series of add-ons to enable specific functionality for each type of media content format. We’re continuously working to add in new features and add-ons, but at present we offer the following:

HTML Editing add-on

  • Fully integrated browser-based state of the art HTML editor.
  • Page-oriented formatting capabilities.
  • Powerful collaboration environment
  • Flexible task workflow definition.

S1000D add-on

Oriented to editing, maintaining, and publishing XML documentation compliant with the standard S1000D. The main features include:

  • Schema validation
  • Brex validation
  • In-house developed, fully integrated browser-based schema-aware XML editor
  • Integrated Viewer
  • Powerful collaborative environment
  • Flexible task workflow definition
  • Generation of document collections for the INTERACTAS-Reader

PDF (readonly)

Main Features:

  • Browser Integrated PDF rendering
  • Powerful collaboration environment
  • Flexible Task workflow definition

SVG (readonly)

  • Browser Integrated SVG rendering with capabilities for zoom, pan and search inside graphics.
  • Powerful collaboration environment
  • Flexible Task workflow definition

INTERACTAS READER (Interactive Electronic Technical Publication)

A self-contained software aimed at the distribution of S1000D Technical Documentation that, besides the standard search and rendering functionality, provides:

  • A powerful collaborative environment where users can share their experiences.
  • A selective content synchronization mechanism based on the underlying Blockchain technology.